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The user facing portion of Instant Attorney was in open beta from January 2020 to July 2020. Thank you to everyone who visited, gave feedback, and contributed legal resource listings to the site during that time. Our goal was to get users connected with the best free and low-cost legal help we could. This meant both building a legal referral platform, based on OpenReferral, and creating a scalable way to qualify users for legal aid services, the Eligibility Engine based on Docassemble*.

Throughout the open beta I realized I can’t improve and maintain both the referral platform and the programmatic qualification engine. Instant Attorney was unique in its ambition to have legal aid, flat-rate legal services, and legal products listed side-by-side on the site, and programmatic qualification was foundational to making this happen. I don’t see a path forward for Instant Attorney without programmatic qualification while still keeping true to its access to justice roots.

This has led me to focus on building the next generation of the Eligibility Engine. Decoupling it from the referral platform has opened up new possibilities that I am just now beginning to explore. The foundations of this new work will be available under the very permissive MIT open source license.

Thank you again,

Everett Pompeii

*The Eligibility Engine was built on Docassemble, an open source expert system for document assembly. I'd like to extend a special thank you to everyone in the Docassemble community for your help and guidance on the Eligibility Engine, especially creator and maintainer Jonathan Pyle as well as Quinten Steenhuis and Toby Grytafey.